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Independent Interview – Psychology Of Panic Buying

Dr Warwick talks to The Independent about some of the psychology behind panic buying.

My Social Work News – Swearing

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Coffee Calm & Connection Interview – A.I Therapy

We talk with coffee calm connection about the world of digital therapies and discuss what [...]

National Crime Officers Association Interview – Healthy Home Working

Quest Psychology Services were recently asked to help the National Crime Officers Association come up [...]

My Social Work News Interview – Understanding Vicarious Trauma

An interview on understanding the differences between Vicarious Trauma, Secondary Trauma and Compassion Fatigue.

Delicious Magazine Interview – Taking Back Your Lunch Break

Dr Warwick provides an insight into the impact on mental health that working through your [...]

Daily Record Interview – The Impact of Being a Celebrity on Mental Health

Dr Warwick provides an insight into the impact that being a celebrity has on ones [...]

Female First Interview – Why Crying At Sad Films Can Make Us Feel Better During Hard Times

Dr Warwick provides an insight as to why crying at sad films can make us [...]