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Counselling psychologist Dr Gregory Warwick

Dr Gregory Warwick
Counselling Psychologist

Accredited Counselling Psychologist from the British Psychological Society and HCPC
Verified Counselling Psychologist by Psychology Today
Verified Counsellor by Psychology Today

Quest Psychology Services

Quest Psychology Services was created in October 2019 as a private psychology and counselling service in Salford Manchester. It was set up by Dr Gregory Warwick.

Dr Gregory Warwick

Dr Warwick is Counselling Psychologist has been trained in a variety of different therapies and has been awarded accreditation with the British Psychological Society and chartership with the Health Care and Professions Council as a Practitioner Psychologist after having worked as a counsellor for many years. He completed his doctorate at the University of Manchester.

Dr Warwick has worked with different mental health problems over the years in different settings. This has included managing school counselling services (Place2Be). He has treated anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder when working at an eating disorder clinic. Furthermore, he has helped people on a range of life events, mental health problems and work place stress through one of the UK’s biggest employee assistance programmes. In addition this, working with complex post traumatic stress disorder primarily in the form of sexual assault and rape of both men, women and children both in NHS and charity settings. Finally, prior to moving to full time at Quest Psychology Services, Dr Warwick was Lead Psychologist for a secure forensic hospital specialising in mental illness, personality disorder and Deafness.

As mentioned, Dr Warwick has been trained in a range of different therapies including:

In addition to this he completed his doctoral thesis on internet relay communication and as a result is experienced in providing therapy online.