Therapy For Bereavement

Bereavement Counselling

Symptoms of Bereavement and Loss

Unfortunately, bereavement and grief is something that we all face at some point within our lives, but that does not stop it being incredibly painful and debilitating. We grieve any sort of loss but the death of someone is very powerful. People can feel shocked and numb when going through a bereavement, they can feel overwhelmingly sad, tired, and even angry or guilty about it. All grief is normal and it can help to have someone outside of your family or friends to talk to about it, this is especially if grieving has gone on for a long time. At times grief can be complicated by other factors such as the circumstances around the death and at times working through this can be really beneficial. 

Bereavement Counselling

We at Quest Psychology Services can provide a safe and understanding space to help come to terms with your loss and allow you to remember your loved one in the way that you want to. Grief is a particular interest of Dr Warwick’s and regardless of your beliefs around death or religion he aims to help you understand other ways of looking at the situation,help you come to terms with what has happened and move on at your own pace.  Depending on the focus of the sessions, a range of therapies can be used in aid of bereavement counselling this includes person-centred counsellingacceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) or even Gestalt therapy.

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