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Quest Psychology Services

Welcome to Quest Psychology Services

Welcome to Quest Psychology Services

Welcome to Quest Psychology ServicesWelcome to Quest Psychology Services

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First Steps

If you have made it to this website then perhaps you have made a choice that now is the time to get some professional help. It can be scary booking your first appointment, but Quest Psychology Services are here to help. We not only provide a range of evidence based counselling and psychological treatments in Salford, Greater Manchester, but a warm, safe and comforting way of doing so. This allows us to help you reach your goals faster and feel better for doing so.

What Is Therapy, And How Does it Work?

 People experience psychological problems for a range of reasons; this could be a biological cause, a change in social circumstances or psychological factors. Regardless of the cause, Quest Psychology Services uses a range of different evidence based talking therapies which are tailored to your needs and your preferences.

First, we would start with an assessment to outline what is going on for you and why before setting goals. Following this, we help you find the individualised answers you need to resolve the problem yourself and give you new skills so that you are empowered and can manage this in the future.

Our Services

We provide a range of different types of counselling and psychotherapy that includes:

We also work with a range of mental health problems including but not limited to

In addition to counselling and psychological therapies we also provide registered applied psychology practice supervision and medico-legal reports.

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