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  • Quest have been a tremendous support to me through a very difficult time. Greg is a great listener, non judgemental and asks pertinent questions that stop and make you think. But not just that how you feel about things and suggestions on how to cope with those experiences. Without Greg I very much doubt I would be were I am today. I owe Greg a debt of gratitude that I will never be able to pay, he has given me hope, empathy understanding and I can look forward to a brighter future when before all I could see was darkness and despair.
    I cannot recommend Quest highly enough - thank you Greg for your support and I wish you well.

    John R Avatar
    John R

    I would recommend this service I doing Greg to be kind caring and supportive, he also shared a lot of material which I asked for to help me reflect on my own journey and the conversation we were having, the pace suited me and slowed or stopped if I need it too. I felt no pressure to conform to anyone’s agenda other than mine which has helped me come out the other side with a tool kit that I will continue to use in life and I am now an advocate of mindfulness which believe me I never thought I would be, I would highly recommend Quest

    Tracy Wood Avatar
    Tracy Wood

    Thank you for the excellent counselling sessions. I was pleased with Dr Warwick’s non judgemental approach. It was easy to open up to him and despite the age difference we got on well. The sessions were relaxed and fun, alongside the serious exercises which were very useful. I was surprised that the sessions over Zoom worked so well and it felt like we were both in the room together. I would recommend Quest and the services they provide are far better than others I have experienced.

    Dawn Wheeler Avatar
    Dawn Wheeler

    Gregory was very patient, helpful, easy to talk to and calm throughout our sessions. He was also always very open to new approaches when things weren't working, and willing to share materials, which I found very helpful to guide my thinking outside of our sessions. I would be confident to highly recommend working with Gregory to anyone who was considering seeking counselling or starting up counselling again.

    I Glen Avatar
    I Glen

    I can't recommend Dr Warwick enough, he is very kind , calm and professional.
    It was my first time to have therapy sessions with a male therapist , but I felt really safe and comfortable.
    He helped me to manage my stress levels and anxiety , I learnt so many new things and techniques that I can use in my life.
    And if ever I needed help in the future I would definitely book more sessions with him.

    Ranim Qwasmeh Avatar
    Ranim Qwasmeh

    I have been struggling with CAHMS for over 3yrs with my son to get the help he needed. As soon as he sees Dr Warwick he got him straight away and straight away knew what he needed. For the first time after leaving a psychologists room he was smiling and looked brighter eyed. I would highly recommend Dr Warwick at Quest Psychology in my eyes worth every penny and more. Thank you 😊

    Kaylah Gratton-Webborn Avatar
    Kaylah Gratton-Webborn

    I’d never had counselling before and having been off work for some time, Greg was of invaluable help in getting me back to work. His calm and open approach worked really well; with Greg’s gentle but effective guidance I was able to identify and work through issues and concerns in a safe environment. I would recommend Greg to anyone looking for counselling support.

    Rebecca McCall Avatar
    Rebecca McCall

    One of the last things I said to Dr Warwick was "somehow thank you just doesn't seem enough".

    During a particularly difficult point in my life, his compassion, empathy, and professionalism allowed me to find the person inside me that I'd forgotten existed.

    I owe so much to him, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services.

    David Fullarton Avatar
    David Fullarton

    Greg is insightful and incredibly helpful, offering a comfortable space for emotional and mental expression.

    I highly recommend you contact him if you’re thinking about having therapy, he really positively impacted my mental state 🙂

    Max Fairbank Avatar
    Max Fairbank

    Can’t speak highly enough - wonderful service that has made a massive difference to my life, particularly when I had no idea what to expect from the process. Would highly recommend.

    Jack Tomlinson Avatar
    Jack Tomlinson

    Thank you so much Greg. You have helped me move forward in so many ways, and given me a plethora of tools to continue using as life throws many challenges. Highly recommended.

    Abigail Nagamootoo Avatar
    Abigail Nagamootoo

    Used Quest's services during lockdown, and it came in handy in so many ways. Very grateful for Dr Warwick and the support he provided during this time.

    Chiedozie Ekeoma Avatar
    Chiedozie Ekeoma

    Really helpful organisation. Make the whole process easy to go through. Very professional. Would definitely recommend.

    Edward Atkinson Avatar
    Edward Atkinson

    Really helped me out during a difficult time in my life. Wholehearted recommend these guys.

    Andrew Smith Avatar
    Andrew Smith

    Knowledgeable, professional, friendly and kind. Thank you so much for everything.

    Sabina Niemier Avatar
    Sabina Niemier

    Great service. Professional and empathetic. Would recommend.

    lauren taylor Avatar
    lauren taylor

    Professional, knowledgable, patient and empathetic

    Courtney Handforth Avatar
    Courtney Handforth

    Amazing support and process with Dr Warwick

    lilianna colbourn Avatar
    lilianna colbourn

    Could not recommended highly enough.

    Annie Peel Avatar
    Annie Peel

    Would Recommend Quest Psychology

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    Luke Taylor

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    Paula Mansfield

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    Adam Matthew