Therapy For Relationship Problems

Quest Psychology does not do couples counselling. However, we often work with people who have experienced difficulties in their relationships whether that is with someones partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or another family member or even a work colleague.

Seeking help can be caused by a rupture in the relationship due to arguments or infidelity, a recent separation/divorce or exploring whether the relationship is worthwhile continuing. We also work with different problems such as issues around sex. Alternatively, something may not have happened that sparked the interested in working on your relationship and we also help people to explore their relationship and see how it can be improved whether that is through communication or other aspects.

Relationship counselling is beneficial to people who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection in all stages of their relationship. This can come from looking at the way the relationship is viewed, help you to approach any issues within the relationship differently or even looking at how one acts in that relationship. Currently, we only work with individuals looking to work with their half of the relationship using person-centred counselling.