Top 5 Tips For Raising Low Self-Esteem

How we feel about ourselves can dictate a number of things in our lives. How you feel about who you are and what you’re doing in your life impacts every aspect of your world experience. It influences your daily life, how you interact with other people around you, how productive you are, and even how healthy you are and feel. Low self-esteem can take even the healthiest person and turn them into someone who’s mental health is quickly deteriorating.

The human mind is a powerful and beautiful thing. Increasing attention is being given to how things like low self-esteem and negativity that goes unaddressed, is detrimental to so many aspects of your mental and physical health.

Today, I wanted to spend a little time and discuss what low self-esteem is, how it impacts your daily life and relationships, and give my top 5 tips on ways to start raising your self-esteem now.


What is low self-esteem?

Typically, low self-esteem is characterized by a complete lack of confidence where you’re constantly feeling bad about yourself. When you’re suffering from low self-esteem, you often feel unlovable, awkward, or useless. And oftentimes, you’ll find plenty of evidence in every situation you encounter throughout your day to support these feelings.

People with low self-esteem will always be searching for validation in the way others see them or their acceptance of them. This leads ultimately to a constant cycle of disappointment and toxic relationships. Things like this that go unaddressed through counselling, over time, can contribute to many destructive behaviours and even addictions.

But the news isn’t all bad, that’s why you’re here today, and why I’m here for you. There are some things that you can start doing today, that when done consistently and implemented as part of your daily routine, will start to turn that negativity around. Anytime you do that, you’re instantly raising your confidence. And who doesn’t want to be more confident in their everyday lives?

1. Comparison is the thief of joy.

Constantly comparing yourself to others can be one of the quickest ways to kill one’s self-esteem. When you compare yourself to others, you’re devaluing your own self-worth. Understand that you are unique, and own your self-worth. Making that distinction can open up a clearer understanding of who you are and even what you want in life.

2. Go easy on yourself.

We are our own worst critics. It’s true of every human on earth. What makes the difference when it comes to raising your self-esteem and confidence is to alter your perspective. By shifting your thinking to be more of the presence of mind to understand that you can’t change where you are at in life right now can be a powerful way toward higher self-esteem.

3. Seek support and find your tribe.


Building a tribe, or group of friends and network of people you can trust, confide in, and count on, makes a big difference in your own self-worth. It’s true when they say that we are who we surround ourselves with. Surrounding yourself with people who hold you accountable, challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and into personal growth is important to your mental health. Also, working within counselling to really dive into the triggers and things that cause your low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness helps improve your daily psychology.

4. Eating Healthy

The body is an interconnected piece of machinery, and each part and process of it plays into the health and prosperity of the other. So, when you’re eating healthy and taking care of what you put into your body, you’ll actually start to notice that you’re feeling better, and happier. You wouldn’t believe how many times having an unhappy and painful digestive system leads to unhappy people. Take the time to be aware of what you eat, and see how you feel in doing so.

5. Follow your passion.

When you’re suffering from low self-esteem, sometimes you can feel like you’re living someone else’s life, and that you’re not doing those things each day that you’re truly passionate about. This is a crucially important facet to living confidently, and it’s something that I really strive for with my patients in my practice. When you’re living the life that you want, and doing what you’re passionate about, you’re living fully self-expressed and in your most creative way of being.

If you’re struggling with things like feelings of worthlessness, self-doubt and overall a general state of lowered self-esteem, I am here to help. Call today to schedule a therapy session with me and we can work together to raise your self-esteem and confidence!


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